Presentation Program

I am a teacher at heart so most of my presentations are in educational settings. I do, however, offer seminars, workshops, and presentations for businesses, parent groups, and community groups who are interested in helping to improve children's literacy development.

Professional Development Seminars

Time: 1-2 hours
Investment: $350 each (One school or up to 60 people)

An in-depth analysis of early literacy learning—handouts included. Topics explored are: Methods used to teach children how to read, an understanding of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension, the role that oral language plays in early literacy learning, the benefits of read-alouds, how to motivate children to read, how to motivate students to write, how to improve writing skills, materials used to teach reading, an overview of reading theories, and pertinent information on the common core state standards.

Before or After School Staff Workshops

Time: 1 hour (or less)
Investment: $350 each (up to 40 people)

A basic understanding of how peritextual features influence read-alouds, ways children respond during read-alouds, how to create independent readers, writers, and thinkers, how to improve writing skills, how to motivate students to write, how to use assessments such as running records to guide literacy instruction, how to effectively use parents in the classroom during reading instruction, how to use multicultural children's literature in the classroom, other topics teachers would like to be addressed, and how everything ties into the common core state standards.

Presentation Titles include, but are not limited to:

  • How to chose and use high quality multicultural children's in the classroom
  • Helping children to become critical reader's writer's and thinker's
  • How to create a culturally responsive classroom
  • How peritextual features help improve story understanding
  • African American children's literature and how it enriches learning
  • Engaging struggling readers in meaningful read-aloud discussions
  • Improving writing skills: Writing for meaning-getting at the heart of it!

School Assemblies

Time: 1 hour (or less for Prek-K)
Investment: $350 each (Max 300 students)
Parents are welcome!
Suggested groupings by grade levels (K-2 & 3-5)

  • Discuss: concepts from books, Jasmine Can or September's Big Assignment
  • How to gain self-confidence as a reader/writer
  • Play motivational reading dance video
  • Questions for the author segment
  • Interactive segments: “Sometimes you have to take a chance & If Jasmine can, you can too!
  • Faith-based principles added for religious programs
  • Discount on price of books: $8.00 - Jasmine Can and $6.00 - September's Big Assignment



Elementary Classrooms

Time: up to 30-minutes per classroom (up to 4 a day)
Investment: $300 a day

  • Discuss: what it's like being an author, talk about children's writing
  • Explain how reading influences our writing
  • Discuss issues classroom teacher would like me to talk about

Business/Parent/Community Presentations

Time: 1-2 hours
Investment: $350 a day

Presentation titles include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a literate Environment with all the Comforts of Home
  • How to Read to Your Child at Home
  • How to Enrich Classroom Learning at Home
  • Presentations are personalized to focus on your organization's needs

I also do Book Signings!

Thank you!